relationship, not religion.

this is kinda a tough topic to talk about, because i feel like we all struggle with it & don’t realize how significant it is to ourselves and to our daily walk with Christ. it’s something i have started to think about, and i have reevaluated myself & my relationship with God because I realized how much it affects my mindset and my belief in Christ, and i hope that after you read this, you will think about this & see how important it is to how you live your life, how you talk about God, what you think about God, & basically all you’ve ever imagined of God.

first off, to give y’all a back-story, i went to visit a church camp i go to every summer. and the pastor talked about being sure of your faith & doing what God has called us to do. it got me thinking, and made me realize that sometimes i refer to God more of my religion, but not as someone i have a relationship with. when i do my quiet time, i often just use it to check it off my list, but not as a way to truly talk with God & hear him speak to me. and that’s what’s wrong with most of us.

God deeply wants us to have a relationship with him, not to just have a religious belief in him. religion has guidelines, and can be used for our own glory. relationship is intimate, real, & connecting with our Lord. religion wants you to believe everything about God, but relationship is for you to believe IN God. religion can sometimes limit God, but relationship recognizes how infinite and powerful God truly is. it shouldn’t be knowing God, it should be having a clear understanding of how limitless God is & having a personal relationship with him.

i don’t think religion is wrong. i just believe a real relationship & understanding of God is what God has called us to have. he has told us to be sure of our faith, and to be ready to give an answer as to why we believe in what we believe in, not to be ready to give an answer to what we have learned from others. i’d rather know God personally, than just by facts & what others have taught me.

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